We will select a few good Investors to Joint Venture with!

We need to buy more houses that we can seller finance and grow our business, and we need your help!

The Program now requires you to purchase a set of training materials needed for the live classes.  The set cost $67.00 for over 400 pages of information to be used and covered fully in the training.  If this is too much for you please don't bother reading the rest of this page. Why are the materials so cheap if it's all inclusive? Because we make money buying, selling and financing houses, Not selling courses and Boot Camps.  We train you so you can bring us good deals.   Thank you!

We are currently looking for Real estate investors who are interested in learning about the real estate investing business, and getting paid to do so!

We are looking for active people or bird dogs who are willing to do work our system exactly as we have it set up in exchange for big paychecks. 

Our system allows you to resale properties by placing a real estate Option Agreement or a standard real estate sales contract on the property subject to our approval and then partnering with us to put the deal together and close it.

You will first go into an option agreement to buy a property at a lower price which you have negotiated with the seller.  We are looking for 5% or more off the Fair market value.   You then market the home to flip the home to an end-buyer using the financing that we offer. 

You will enter a training program so you know what is required to submit deals to us.  We are not interested in know-it alls.  We are interested in people who understand that there is something to be learned everyday and are willing to put the time to learn a proven system that can be repeated over and over for fantastic profits.

Admission to the program requires an initial small cost but the rewards are well worth it.

Once you have learned the basics you will get specific training in Joint Venture deals.  What houses are the best candidates and how to properly approach them.

We will sign a Joint Partner agreement or a Referral Agreement stating how much you will get paid.  We are looking for deals with over $15,000 spread between your contracted sales price and the price we can sell the home using our financing.  We will pay 50% of the profits.

It is really very simple. You place an ad in the paper "I buy houses, I pay 90-95% of Fair Market Value, PH 555-555-5555.  and when the calls come in you will approach them exactly the way we will train you.


We are looking for motivated Real Estate Investors, Property Locators and bird dogs that can locate and facilitate the purchase and sale of properties anywhere NATIONWIDE. If you are not happy with the current status quo and would like to join us in a Joint Venture to make excellent income then you are in the right place.

We will provide you with the opportunity to close more deals than your average bird dog, Real Estate Investor or Property Locator by using our money.

Our plan is no longer free,  We apologize.  Many people abused the system and forced us to change our approach.  However, it is pretty close to being free.  The results to you are are the same.  By doing this we are able to keep those people who are not serious about their business out.  At the same time we are able to bring willing and able investors and bird dogs who can bring us more deals. 

We make our money like any other investor, buying the homes and reselling them. We simply will use your desire to succeed and ability to locate these homes for us and in the process get paid 50% of the profits generated. Is that simple!

Programs similar to ours charge $12,000 to join!!!

How do you get the homes for our program? Place a bandit sign like the one above or an ad in the local newspaper

Newspaper Classified Ad-WeBuy Houses
We look for homes we can get at up to 95% LTV that we can make a minimum profit of $15,000 if we were to sell it at 100% of its Fair market value. Remember, you get 50% of that or $7,500 so the higher price houses are ideal for our system as our profit will be higher.  On higher priced homes you will get higher profit potential.

We provide you with the contracts and the disclosures that you will use. With our financing and your hard work, we can not lose.

You present the offer to the homeowner, once your offer is accepted you go to work in locating a buyer that qualifies for our financing to buy the home to. Bad credit is our specialty. Bankruptcies, foreclosures, judgments...bring them...We will tell you how to market the home for a quick sale. Our system is designed to sell the home in 14 days and get you paid!

Our offers range from 80-95% of Fair Market Value. We are NOT looking to steal homes. We are NOT looking for fixer uppers. We are looking for homes that for whatever reason did not sell when they were listed with a realtor. Homes that are in ready-to-move-in condition. Imagine how many homes you can get that would sell right now at 90-95% of its value. It is a numbers game. You can turn those into CASH in 14 days!

In today's marketplace, qualifying for a conventional loan is increasingly difficult. In this market you know that if you don't have a qualified buyer, you won't have a closed deal. But if you have a qualified buyer, he can buy any house he chooses. Including one you are not listing or involved with.

With our system, our buyers can only buy the house YOU are selling, so you are guaranteed the sale!...and with the parameters we have, you will make a minimum of $7500 per closing. No headaches, no multiple showings, no open houses for buyers who won't buy or can't buy.  You will do 2 open houses in a 2 week period. The buyers coming in are YOUR Buyers only. The house you are showing is the only house they can buy due to our financing. That is how you are guaranteed the sale and your commission. How hard is that!

Just because a buyer was turned down for a loan, doesn't mean we won't finance them. We finance most people and that is the key of our success. This is the reason you won't have competition. Under those parameters how many deals can you do per week? How many deals can you do per month?

Don’t forget, we will finance any buyer with "C" or "D" credit as long as this buyer has a good job. Even with a bankruptcy or a foreclosure in their credit report. This allows for marginal buyers to be able to buy our homes quickly and for you to make your money fast.

Let’s suppose that you have a home that has been on the market well over 6 months. A buyer comes in that earns a good living, with a steady paycheck and has a good down payment. A buyer like that you can steer towards any property you have for sale since he/she will most likely qualify for our financing.

What if the buyer has a debt ratio over 41%? What if he doesn't want to go the stated income/stated asset route? What if his credit is not 700 plus? Your deal will be dead under those circumstances.

Now you can turn this buyer into cash by buying that house and letting us finance it for them.

I hope this page explained in detail what we offer.  The opportunity is there for you to take advantage of it.  What are you waiting for?

We look forward to working with you. We hope to get the chance to impress you with our quick response and professional service to your specific needs.
This is a great opportunity to get immersed in the business, as you will be working with other real estate investors and learning as you go.

By nature of the relationship you will have access to our private Members only forum with postings, resources, seminars and the experience that will help you go out and do your own deals.

What, how, when and how much you learn is up to you, there is no obligation - If you just want to earn extra cash, then that's fine too.

NOTE: If you are currently investing in Subject-tos, short sales, lease options and want to continue doing so you are more than welcome to. This program and our agreement only affects deals that are submitted to us because they fall under our guidelines and you want us to fund them to make them close. You can continue your other ways of investing as our agreement do not include those deals.

Here is our pre-requisites:

  1. Good grasp of Real estate transactions. You can be new to Real Estate but if you have a desire to learn and be pro-active, we want you.

  2. Good people skills. Need to be able to talk to sellers and buyers and connect with them.

  3. Good marketing skills. Need to be able to follow up our marketing plan.

  4. Good with computers. Need to have a good grasp of MS word, Adobe PDF, Zip files, email and protocols. Need to know how to handle attachments, forward emails, complete online forms and how to register in a discussion forum.

  5. Able to attend a complete training system online with follow up sessions.

If you meet the requirements above and are Interested? Here are the steps:

1. Simply complete the form below and you will be sent the Program's link.

2. Once you are accepted in the program register to attend the training classes

3. Start submitting deals.


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Tell us what counties and cities you plan to work and a little bit about your experience level and why you would be an ideal candidate for our member.  Please be explicit as we only want serious applicants.  If you are not serious and can't afford $67.00 for 7 Modules, Module MP3s, over 411 Pages of materials, all forms and agreements and on going support, please do not bother to apply.  Thank you.
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